Textos Híbridos

Revista de Estudios sobre Crónica y Periodismo Narrativo

Liliana Chávez Díaz

Beyond Crónica: Journalism in Contemporary Latin American Documentary Narratives

Código DOI: 10.15691/textoshibridos.v6i1.75 Páginas: Fecha de Publicación: 08-01-2018 Ver volumen


In one of the final scenes of Cristian Alarcón’s Cuando me muera quiero que me toquen cumbia. Vidas de pibes chorros (2003), the journalist is visiting Sabina, one of his sources, in a poor neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, when a shooting occurs. The male neighbours take their guns and run out to the streets, encouraged by the women to defend their villa. Crouching down behind the curtains, spying from the window, the journalist notices that, except for a child, he is the only one who remains in the house, “amariconadamente escondido” (112).