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Shawn Stein

Reseña de Ah! Atestado de óbito do Jornal da Tarde e outras histórias do jornalismo

Código DOI: 10.15691/textoshibridos.v4i1.55 Páginas: Fecha de Publicación: 05-01-2015 Ver volumen

The Jornal da Tarde (JT) was founded in 1966 by Mino Carta and Murilo Felisberto. The São Paulo-based daily newspaper, which was created with the intention of providing a venue for New Journalism in Brazil, had a successful run that lasted a few years short of a half-century. The last edition of the JT was published on October 31, 2012. Ah! Atestado de óbito do Jornal da Tarde e outras histórias do jornalismo, released shortly after, is a collection of crônicas that spans sports reporter Vital Battaglia’s five decades in professional journalism. Battaglia’s illustrious career began in 1962 when he began working at the Última Hora newspaper. A ten-time winner of the Esso Journalism Award, Battaglia has worked for TV Record, Rádio Jovem Pan, Notícias Populares, A Gazeta Esportiva, and Olé, but his name is largely tied to his role as one of the first writers associated with the JT and the nearly twenty five years that he was employed as a reporter for the JT.